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Are you seeking pain relief? stress management?  improved well-being?  As a massage therapist, neuromuscluar therapist and yoga teacher since 1982, I am committed to helping others explore and understand themselves through their body. I believe that becoming educated myself enhances my capacity to facilitate this process, and to resonate with each person as an individual.  

My practice is oriented toward helping people release pain through analysis of physical structure and application of various healing touch modalities.  In addition to my initial training in Swedish/deep tissue massage, I am certified in Neuromuscular Therapy, St. John Method and have studied and practice Manual Lymphatic Drainage, sportsmassage, myoskeletal alignment and prenatal massage.

I am licensed in Maryland and Washington, DC, and Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

I have successfully addressed conditions such as:

Cervical and whiplash injuries 

Neck and Shoulder trauma

Thoracic Outlet syndrome


Face and jaw pain/ TMJ dysfunction

Tendonitis - various areas


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Recovery from surgery and trauma

I am here to help you restore ease, balance and optimal good health!

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